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We pride ourselves on the quality of our support. Whether you have a question before or after buying iBlueSky, please feel free to email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does iBlueSky run on iPad?

Answer: Yes - as of version 3 iBlueSky is a Universal app, which means you buy it once and get an optimised experience on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for no extra cost. Please see the question below for help with updating to the latest version of iBlueSky.

How do I get updates to iBlueSky?

Answer: Updates can be received via iTunes and synced over to your device, or downloaded directly to your device via the built-in App Store application. We recommend using iTunes:

When is the next update coming out? Why don't you update iBlueSky more often?

Answer: iBlueSky is still under active development and we plan to continue updating and improving it in the future. However, we release updates to iTunes relatively infrequently as we put each update through a thorough testing process, which takes some time to complete.

How do I import projects into iBlueSky?

Answer: Please use the iBlueSky Import page. In the unlikely event you experience any problems while registering or importing files into iBlueSky, please email us and attach a copy of the problematic file if possible.

I can't access the Import page. What's wrong?

Answer: Please check your firewall settings (software or hardware) to ensure you can connect on port 8080. Please be aware applications like Little Snitch can block traffic on this port. We are currently in the process of reconfiguring our systems to prevent this problem occurring.

I used the "Email Project" feature, but the email never arrived. What's wrong?

Answer: Please check your junk email filter first (customers using web mail services like GMail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail may need to check the spam folder both in the webmail interface and desktop mail application, where applicable). Please try an alternative email address, as some email servers block email messages with attachments similar to those delivered by our server. If you are sure the email never arrived, please send us an email with the email address you used, the approximate time it was sent (along with your timezone), then we'll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

In addition, you may wish to add the address projectmailer@tenero.mobi to your white list/allowed list, as this is the address that projects are mailed from.

Why are projects delivered through your server? What about data confidentiality?

Answer: Projects are delivered through our server because it allows us to improve and add new export formats without having to update the iPhone application. It also means we can export in formats which the iPhone would struggle to process, like high resolution PNG of large mind maps for example. The risk to the security of your data is exactly the same as sending information unencrypted via email; most people do not consider this to be a problem in most instances.

Will my favourite desktop mindmapping application be able to import maps I've made with iBlueSky?

Answer: iBlueSky currently exports Novamind, PDF, PNG, OPML and Freemind formats. Most mindmapping applications can import OPML or Freemind formats. If you would like to test compatibility with your desktop mindmapping application before buying iBlueSky, you can download an example project exactly as it is exported from iBlueSky - just extract the ZIP file to obtain the exported files.

Why do emailed projects come from projectmailer@tenero.mobi rather than my own email address?

Answer: Due to restrictions on 3rd party applications on the iPhone, we cannot send email messages with attachments from your phone. To work around this restriction, the email is dispatched by our server instead. This also allows us to add additional export formats without having to update the application on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Are you harvesting email addresses?

Answer: No - absolutely not. We hate junk email just as much as everyone else.

Can you add a new feature to the application?

Answer: Please feel free to email us with your suggestions for features and improvements. But please keep in mind iBlueSky is focussed on design, workflow and ease-of-use, rather than volume of features. Where we do implement features, we take time to get them right; quality over quantity one might say. We'd particularly value your comments on the usability and workflow offered by the application.

Can I get your products in my own language?

Answer: Currently our products are only localised in English. We hope to add support for other languages soon. If this is important to you, please send us an email and we'll take your request into consideration when reviewing language support in the future.

What about support for other mobile platforms?

Answer: Currently we only support iPhone and iPod Touch, but if you'd like to see our products on other platforms, please send us an email, stating the device platform, make and model you have in mind, and we'll take your request into consideration when planning for the future.


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Check whether your question is answered in our FAQs opposite. If these do not help you with your query, please email support@tenero.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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iBlueSky was created, and continues to be supported and developed by Tenero Software Limited. Tenero Software was formed in May 2008 to offer products and services around next-generation mobile platforms, including the iPhone and iPod Touch. Please see our website for more information.

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