iBlueSky - Features

Workflow, design and ease-of-use are where we've focussed our efforts with iBlueSky. We've all used software which is bloated, cluttered, confusing and over-featured. But iBlueSky is different; it's a streamlined idea capture tool at your disposal at all times.

A closer look at iBlueSky

Watch this short demo video and get an idea of how iBlueSky can help you become more productive.

Note: This video actually covers iBlueSky version 1. Version 2 offers the same simple and intuitive user interface, but with more features which fall to hand when required. We will be updating the video to cover version 2 shortly.


  • Universal app - runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
    • Provides a great experience on all iOS devices
  • Support for enormous mindmaps
    • Canvas grows as your mindmap grows; virtually unlimited in size
    • Unlimited branches (subject to device memory constraints)
  • Convenient export via email:
    • Supported export formats include:
      • PDF: no loss of quality when enlarged
      • PNG: (limited to 4000x4000 pixels) viewable by anyone without extra software
      • OPML: a standard outlining format
      • Novamind: the leading cross platform commercial mindmapping application
      • Freemind: compatible with a number of 3rd party mindmapping applications
      • iBlueSky: our own native format, provided for backup purposes
    • Select email recipients from address book or enter manually
    • Edit the email subject and message
  • Convenient import from desktop applications via the web in the following formats
    • Novamind
    • OPML
    • Freemind
    • iBlueSky
  • Mindmap editing
    • Add and delete branches
    • Drag branches with a touch
    • Edit branch text (without distracting transitions to another screen)
    • Multi-line text support in branches
    • Attach free-form text to branches
    • Cut, copy and paste branches
    • Choose branch colours via colour palette
      • Option to apply to all sub-branches
    • Scroll and Zoom (via standard pinch gesture)
    • Double tap to zoom in and out
  • Mindmap management
    • Create and delete projects
    • Sort by:
      • Creation date
      • Modification date
      • Manually
    • Backup all projects to Box.net


  • Get a clear head; get everything out of your head and into iBlueSky.
  • Reclaim lost time: capture, develop and organise ideas any time, any place:
    • While commuting (*)
    • Waiting for bus/train/plane
    • No pen, paper or flat surface required
  • Improved flow in creative thought
  • Learn to recall information in a structured way
  • Improved decision making; see the big picture
  • Reduce project risk by making more detailed plans
  • Have more ideas; capturing one can spark another


  • Capture all your ideas; never loose another one
  • Organise random thoughts and concepts into a logical structure
  • Identify all tasks and risks associated with a project
  • Condense and memorise complex study material
    • Simultaneously listen to and summarise recorded lectures played through iPod app
    • Keep summarised material available for review at all times
  • Outline an engaging presentation
  • Define structured personal or business goals
  • Structure essays, plots and storylines
  • Problem solving
  • Planning

(*) Disclaimer: Do not attempt to use iBlueSky while driving or performing any other concentration-critical task


Why Download?

Boost your productivity when you're away from your desk; capture and develop great ideas whenever they come to you. Applications inclulde: problem solving, task breakdown, risk management, SWOT analysis, project planning, screenwriting, summarising and learning complex information.